The "Pre-Journey"

Photo by: thephotoholic
        Going from a mom to a model takes a lot of research and patience, rushing into any project or endeavor is risky enough this is even more so because I have no other people in my network or social circle who have any knowledge on the industry. I am starting from absolute scratch, no headshots, no experience, and no contacts in the fashion or modeling industry. Thus I have been spending the past 3 days researching the how-to guides of every website I can get my little mouse to click on. I have found that undeniably is just not safe, therefore I am straying away from replying to ads posted there. Although I did find an ad for a magicians assistant that I am actually intrigued by but I won't categorize that as model work, just fun! I have also found that is a nice place to start but eventually you will be prompted to pay for a membership to get actual access to casting calls of any genre. I have found that is a great place for those in the industry who already have tear sheets and/or headshots, which of course I lack. Lastly, I have recently been referred to a website by the name of and they so far have seemed ok but by no means are they thoroughly professional. I intend to begin looking for more avenues of networking throughout the night and into tomorrow. Keep checking back to find out more.

Before I take a step into the wide unknown I have to come to terms with the fact that there is a lot I do not know about modeling, in fact I know very little which only increases my interest and desire to break into the industry that much more. I look at this journey, like a personal development story that has no real relevance to the rest of the world but is my own personal dream. Modeling to me is the eminence of beauty, whether it be in abstract or realism art forms. While, I am by no means Elle MacPherson, Kate Moss, or Nicole Fox I do clean up damn well if I do say so myself and thus I feel that I have . I am not by any means unattractive and last time I checked models of all backgrounds have made big moves in the industry as of the last decade. Due to the recent bridges that have been built between the upper echelon of fashion models and the peasants that have salivated at the chance to be one of them, regular people now have a better chance of being discovered for talents known and unknown. When I was a little girl I was extremely social and flirtatcious with all I knew and met, I looked like a young Jodie Foster without the Hannibal Lecter issues (LoL!). I knew growing up that I wanted a family but I also wanted the opportunity to showcase art in the way I feel best, modeling. I never really knew how to go about making things happen for myself, and when I would bring it to my mother she would tell me how it was a hard industry and we could not afford to invest money into something that I did not have a guaranteed chance of success. Although I kick myself for not pushing her for me to become a model, I understand to some degree now that I am a parent but nonetheless at the time it was heart-breaking. Years later I am setting out to achieve the impossible and the irony in it all is that, my mother is backing me every step of the way now and I love her all the more for it.