Welcome to "From Mom to Model"! I am so very pleased that you are here stopping by and checking out my corner of the world wide web. Well let's cut to the chase, my goal is to document and share with the public at large my journey from being a stay-at-home-mother to being a model. I have no modeling experience thus making my conquest that much more complex and difficult. I am a 25 year old mother of three boys under the age of 5 and I believe that if I am to accomplish anything productive in my life it is neccessary for me to accept and defeat the challenge of going from the stereotypical SAHM to a model. I ask that you tune into my journey, and I ask that you consider that I am broadcasting my own potential successes and failures to the people at large to help them better understand that you cannot sit idly by and wait for something magical to happen, no matter how unlikely.  
Laura Geerman
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