And She Keeps on Trucking....

            So I have had much going on since I last updated. I have done 2 shoots since last posting as well as a major move back to Georgia. All things happen for a reason, is all I can keep saying. I loved doing my last two shoots more than any of them all together, (many thanks to Frank and Tim H.), I am learning more about myself and the world at large.

           I am not a sheltered woman, by any means but there are things I am not so up-to-date on, wow now I am describing myself like a dog with a rabies shot. Too funny. So anyhow, while I love modeling and fashion and so forth, I have realized that there are a crap-frick-load of tips and tricks and nifty industry secrets I am all kinds of unaware of.

          At times I get discouraged and let down, because I have these concepts or themes or outfit ideas that are not perfect in my head but are ideal. When I do not achieve what I want from it I get upset with myself; I should do better, why did my limbs seem so stale, and so on. It is not so much that I want to crack per se but enough to irk me.

I have made monumental moves in my personal life, it has not been all I planned for either but I am trying to work with it. I am not sure where life is going to lead me but I look forward to my next shoot and I love where my modeling is headed, now and in the future.