First Shoot in Studio

Well this evening I had the pleasure of doing my first in studio shoot with a wonderful photographer and his beautiful wife. The have a quaint little studio but once you walk in the whole feeling of great things to come washes over you. I had a mini-dressing room with little things that any girl who is frazzled, like myself, might forget while packing up for her shoot.

They were great and I had a blast. I was amazed at these images from tonight and I cannot wait until, I get the CD in a few weeks. Do not give up on your dreams, no matter how outlandish or eccentric you might think it is. I am figuring out that ultimately, if you want something bad enough you will make it happen, and when other see you are passionate about following your dream they tend to give you chances you might have missed out on.

Thank you to Tim Hester!!!!!!!!!!